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Italian Crystal Glasses

  • The absolute perfection of a blown and transparent form with a strong identity: linear innovation combines the needs of the professional tasting technique with the art of the highest level table setting.
  • LUXION® THE BEST CRYSTAL WITHOUT LEAD Brilliant, transparent and safe by nature, LUXION® is a friendly glass: a material that accompanies every moment of everyday life, just like real friends. Safe and reliable, it allows you to appreciate all the features of the content since it does not alter tastes and flavors in any way.
  • LUXION® is also a light and resistant material: the substances from which it derives, such as titanium, quartz and aluminum, and the special thermal process to which it is subjected, give it lightness and strength, and make it the ideal material for professional catering, sector where it is necessary to have available tools with multiple reuses, versatile and washable for many and many cycles. A perfect complete series of LUXION to accompany every convivial moment of the day.
  • The RCR Line is part of the TRENDS collection that represents the trends for the modern and contemporary home. TRENDS proposes innovative, practical and functional forms for all moments of the day of a consumer who is attentive to current styles, which requires design, performance, and originality in the full Italian lifestyle.